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The Library of EST uses the computerized system called Pergamum, which permits the management of the activities of the Library. Pergamum is a computerized system of library management developed by the Division of Data Processing of the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Paraná. It incorporates a public access catalog, cataloging, circulation, serials, acquisition, administration and cash control services.

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The Faculdades EST Library welcomes students, professors, staff and the regional community which uses of it. It gives support in the areas of nursing, music, music therapy and theology. In the area of Protestant theology it is one of the largest libraries of Latin America.
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Rua Amadeo Rossi, 467, Morro do Espelho - São Leopoldo-RS - CEP: 93.030-220 - Phone: (51) 2111-1400 - FAX: (51) 2111-1411 - E-mail: est@est.edu.br