Faculdades EST - Library 



01. Local Consultation

02. Borrowing and reserve materials

03. Reference Services

04. Bibliographic research

05. Bibliographic exchange

06. Propagation of events

07. Orientation for students on the standardization of scientific papers

08. Access to data base, internet and electronic publications

09. Online Catalog

10. Digital library

11. Photocopies

12. User training

13. Guided visits

14. Cataloging card

Local Consultation
The library collection is open to the general community for consultation.

Borrowing and reserve materials
Borrowing is possible for users who have ties with the institution, through the presentation of an identification card. The loan periods vary according to the category of the user and the type of material.

Reference Services
Aims at helping users seek information and its localization in the collection of the Library. This is done through the use of the Computerized Catalog of EST (Pergamum) and of other available resources

Bibliographic research

Consists in the survey of material which the library has available and/or the research of the collection of other institutions on a certain subject. This service is only available for the professors.

Bibliographic exchange
Service of localization and searching for bibliographical material which makes it possible to obtain copies of articles of periodicals, theses, technical reports and parts of documents (according to the Copyright Law).


Propagation of events 
The propagation of congresses, gatherings, seminars, courses in areas related to the courses of the Faculdades EST is done through placing posters on the bulletin board within the Library.

Orientation for students on the standardization of scientific papers
Provision of orientation for students on the standardization of scientific papers according to the Standards developed by the ABNT.

Access to data base, internet and electronic publications 

The library provides access for professors, students and staff to two computer laboratories for access to online data bases (Portal Periódicos CAPES), internet for educational and/or scientific ends and electronic publications on CD-ROM.

Online Catalog
The online catalog (Pergamum) makes it possible to research within the whole existing collection of the library.


Digital library

The digital library has as its goal to share with the community the academic production carried out in the institution. The summaries and abstracts of theses and dissertations which have been defended are available, and since March of 2006 the complete texts of all the theses and dissertations are also available, as well as some from before this date.



Photocopying services are offered by an outsourced company located near the entrance to the library.


User training
Training is offered in the resources and services offered by the library, ranging from standards and regulations, research on the online catalog, data bases, electronic periodicals, CAPES portal and standardization of academic papers (ABNT Standards).

Guided visits

This service must be previously scheduled. The visitors will be received and orientated as to the regulations, distribution, organization, access to the collection and services of the library.

Cataloging card
Service of elaboration of the cataloging card for the theses and dissertations which are defended in the institution.


The Faculdades EST Library welcomes students, professors, staff and the regional community which uses of it. It gives support in the areas of nursing, music, music therapy and theology. In the area of Protestant theology it is one of the largest libraries of Latin America.
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