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Get to know the Faculdades EST

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry develops its prophetic and pastoral actions seeking to welcome all, independent of their culture, race, religion and sexual orientation. Open to constant dialog, this service seeks for all to develop and grow together in the comprehension of God, in a commitment with themselves, with their neighbor and with a more just, inclusive and preserved world, respecting the differences and God’s variety in God’s creation.
The main activities of the Campus Ministry are: pastoral counseling centered on the person and his/her individual spirituality, communal interaction groups, the coordination of various celebrations and the concern with the maintenance of the spaces where the spirituality of those who study and live here or pass through here may be nurtured, such as the Prayer Labyrinth and the Bet Tefilah Prayer Chapel. These activities make it possible to feel, in different ways, the nurture and love of God in a therapeutic way.
We wish to celebrate life, facing it with its difficulties and crises, but also with its blessings and joys. We always seek to build bridges of help, support and consolation among the people who live here. Intercessory prayer is a practice that is always exercised when someone is in need in the community.

Prayer Labyrinth

In the quest to deepen the spirituality of each individual, the Campus Ministry idealized and constructed the Prayer Labyrinth, a space in the middle of the woods, where one can walk, meditate and have the essential experience of intimate contact with God.

Capelinha Bet Tefilah. Clique e confira uma galeria de imagens da reforma realizada.


The Faculdades EST is an important educational and research center in Brazil and one of the most renowned centers in Latin America. Its general goal is to promote academic training and foment scientific research in the fields of human sciences and applied social sciences, linguistics, languages, arts and health.
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Rua Amadeo Rossi, 467, Morro do Espelho - São Leopoldo-RS - CEP: 93.030-220 - Phone: (51) 2111-1400 - FAX: (51) 2111-1411 - E-mail: est@est.edu.br