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Community Action Projects

One way to broaden the dimensions of human development and social transformation is through insertion in educational spaces which make it possible to experience the confrontation and interaction between theory and practice.

Besides the academic commitment, the Faculdades EST has an evangelical commitment stemming from education. These two commitments propel the Faculdades EST to become involved in civil society and to give its public and ethical witness based on the relation between teaching, research and extension.
Through the Extension Pro-Rectorship, the Faculdades EST invests in Community Action Projects, making it possible for students to experience the integration between theory and practice. The Community Action Projects relate the academic space to the daily life based on the academic practices of the students. Its growing importance in the articulating role of socializing knowledge is undeniable. These and other ideas are being constructed in the doing-knowing that stems from the reflection, practice and mission of the Faculdades EST in the local urban context.

Current projects

ABC Project of for Women:

Literacy training for women. Currently this project attends around 20 women, twice a week in two neighborhoods: Paim and Parque Mauá.

Duque Project:

Painting life – women’s group: gathers together around 10 women on Tuesday afternoons. They paint cloths and embroider and reflect on various themes according to the planning of the group. In this semester, the emphasis has been on the visitation of the women and their families to get to know better the context and the new possibilities for action.

Paim Project:

Paim Project: In partnership with the Casa da Criança [Children’s House]/COL (Círculo Operário Leopoldense [São Leopoldo Worker’s Circle])- Vila Paim, we carry out activities in music therapy with women from the Renovação [Renewal] group, aiming at recovering self-esteem and citizenship. The activities occur once a week at the Music Therapy Clinic at Faculdades EST. They gather together around 15 women.
Currently, the professor, Maryléa Vargas, accompanies these projects. They count on the participation of students from the two undergraduate programs in these projects.



The Faculdades EST is an important educational and research center in Brazil and one of the most renowned centers in Latin America. Its general goal is to promote academic training and foment scientific research in the fields of human sciences and applied social sciences, linguistics, languages, arts and health.
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