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Get to know the Faculdades EST

Diversity Space


In 2008, the Faculdades EST began a project called Diversity Space, which is joins various work groups in one place on the campus of the institution. Located in the L building, the following groups work in the Diversity Space: COMIM – Council of Mission among Indigenous People, the Student Exchange Program, the Identidade Group (Negritude [Blackness]) and the Gender Research Group (NPG). Since then, many integrated actions between these groups have taken place. In 2011, the house of the Diversity Space received a major overhaul and was handed over to the community and to the public in general in a solemn act on March 18th of 2011. Besides developing specific tasks, these groups are articulating joint actions and research projects, opening up the institution even more to its insertion in the city and in the region, with projects developed in partnership with other entities and with the public sectors.



The Faculdades EST is an important educational and research center in Brazil and one of the most renowned centers in Latin America. Its general goal is to promote academic training and foment scientific research in the fields of human sciences and applied social sciences, linguistics, languages, arts and health.
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