Faculdades EST - Undergraduate Program 

Bachelor’s program in Theology

The Bachelor’s program in Theology of the Faculdades EST was the first in Brazil to receive official authorization for functioning. It offers critical-reflective, interdisciplinary, ethical and solidary education with social and ecological responsibility.

Based on academic education, on research, on spiritual accompaniment, on social, community and educational inclusion, the theologians are trained to interact in their contexts for spiritual, social and educational development; to dialog with diversity and to promote a holistic well being, dignity, human rights and citizenship.

The Faculdades EST prepares people for exercising ecclesiastical ministries – pastoral, catechetical or diaconal – and for working in civil society, that is, in non-governmental organizations, social, educational and health care institutions.

Who we are

The Faculdades EST is a theological educational and research center tied to the Igreja Evangélica de Confissão Luterana no Brasil [Evangelical Church of Lutheran Confession in Brazil]. In its sixty five years of existence it has graduated over one thousand bachelors and almost two hundred masters and doctors in Theology, becoming a reference in theological education in Brazil and in Latin America.
The Faculdades EST has as its educational base the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the commitment to the reformation tradition with an ecumenical horizon. It seeks to cultivate a spirituality in which the people are invited to live God’s love in their personal, professional and social relationships. It seeks to educate persons committed to ethics, solidarity and human dignity.

The Target Public

The Bachelor’s Program in Theology is aimed at people who want to:

• deepen their spirituality and faith experience, to enhance their living out and witnessing of the Gospel;
• broaden their theological knowledge through the study of the Bible, of the history and practice of the church in dialog with other sciences and with the reality which surrounds us;
• prepare themselves to exercise a ministry in the church or a leadership role in the community or in society.

Contact us

Coordinator of the Bachelor’s Program in Theology
Prof. Dr. Rodolfo Gaede Neto
Phone: (51) 2111-1446


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The Faculdades EST offers Bachelors degree programs in Theology and in Music Therapy and a Licentiate program in Music, with a minimum duration of 8 semesters.
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