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The program of credit integralization, regulated by the Evaluative Report 63/2004 of the National Council of Education, is directed toward people who finished non-accredited programs of theology with a minimum course load of 1,600 hours and who want to validate their diploma through MEC. The enrollment in the non-accredited program must have occurred after finishing high school.

The evaluative report demands that participants fulfill a minimum of 20% of the course load of the accredited undergraduate program in theology offered by the program. The remainder of the course credits may be validated by curricular equivalency of the non-accredited program.

The basic condition for participating in the integralization program of EST is that the candidate received a degree from a non-accredited on-campus course.


EST was created in 1946 and is the main educational and research Center of the IECLB (Igreja Evangélica de Confissão Luterana no Brasil). Its master’s and doctoral programs in theology are the only ones in the country to have the highest grade from CAPES. Its Bachelor’s program in Theology, recognized with the highest grade, was the first of Brazil to be authorized by MEC. It was a fundamental step for theology to gain academic citizenship in our country.

Through its Bachelor’s program in Theology, EST is one of the accredited institutions to carry out this program. The program’s recognition was renewed by the Ministry of Education through Bylaw nº 285, on April 9, 2008, published in the Official Daily Government Newspaper on April 10, 2008.

Contact us

- Coordinator of the Program: Verner Hoefelmann (vernerhoe@hotmail.com)
- Secretary of the Program: Quetelem Oliveira(integralizacao@est.edu.br)
- Administrator of EST: Dacilo Bressler (dacilo@est.edu.br)
- Treasury of EST: Juliano Scheffer (juliano@est.edu.br),
                               Elisabete Heps Baptista (elisabete@est.edu.br),
                               Alessandra da Rosa Aguirre (alessandra@est.edu.br).
- Virtual Environment:
                               Distance Education ( ead@est.edu.br )
                               Rafael von Saltiel ( rafael@est.edu.br ),
                               Letícia Flores (leticia.flores@est.edu.br)


The Faculdades EST offers Bachelors degree programs in Theology and in Music Therapy and a Licentiate program in Music, with a minimum duration of 8 semesters.
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Rua Amadeo Rossi, 467, Morro do Espelho - São Leopoldo-RS - CEP: 93.030-220 - Phone: (51) 2111-1400 - FAX: (51) 2111-1411 - E-mail: est@est.edu.br