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 Faculdades EST - Mestrado Profissional 

Professional Master’s


The Professional Master’s Program was authorized by the Technical Consultative Commission (CTC) of CAPES, in 2002, and has as its goal to provide continuing education for candidates who seek more depth in their theological reflections and practices in their specific fields of professional work, presenting the same level of demands and quality standards as the academic master’s program of the Faculdades EST.

CAPES utilizes, in its normative texts and in its correspondence, both the term Professional Master’s as well as Professionalizing Master’s program. On its site it informs the reader that: a Professional Master’s Degree is the designation of a Master’s degree which emphasizes studies and techniques directly aimed at the fulfillment of a high level of professional qualification. This emphasis is the only difference with regard to the academic degree. It confers, therefore, identical degrees and prerogatives, including professorship, and, as in all stricto sensu Postgraduate programs, the national validity of the diploma is conditioned on the previous recognition of the program.


O Curso de Mestrado Profissional foi autorizado pela Comissão Técnica Consultiva (CTC) da CAPES, em 2002, e tem por objetivo formar candidatos que buscam aperfeiçoamento na reflexão e prática teológicas em seus campos específicos de atuação profissional, apresentando o mesmo nível de exigência e padrão de qualidade que o mestrado acadêmico da Faculdades EST.
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