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Technician in Composition and Arrangement


The Technical Course in Composition and Arrangement is characterized by the training of musicians who are capable of interacting with the technological instruments of the modern world. It aims at training professionals with a broad perspective about composition and arrangement techniques, who have dominate the tools for editing musical scores and for recording and editing audios. The course has a recording studio and a laboratory equipped with hardware and music software.


• Orient students in order to take full advantage of their creative potential, aiming at their self-realization in the field of music and technology;
• Qualify professionals to work in the area of composition and arrangements (vocal and instrument);;
• Qualify professionals to work on stage as well as in studios;
• Train versatile professionals, able to relate with music, technology and musical production;
• Train dynamic professionals who are able to deal with novelty and technological evolutions;
• Train professionals able to produce and divulge musical work according to the laws and the demands of the market;

Certificates and Diplomas

The Escola Sinodal de Educação Profissional [Synod School of Professional Education] grants:
• The “DIPLOMA OF TECHNICIAN IN COMPOSITION AND ARRANGEMENT " for the students considered apt in the course and who have concluded high school;
• The “CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATION IN COMPOSITION AND ARRANGEMENT” for the students considered apt in the course but who have not finished high school.

Scheduling Interviews:

Contact: Sabrina - e-mail: sabrina@est.edu.br - phone: 51. 2111.1486 (from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. – Monday through Friday)

Contact us

To contact the coordinator of the course write to hunger@est.edu.br or schedule an interview by telephoning the Contact Center (51) 2111-1486.
To enroll in the course, it is necessary to schedule an interview through the contacts above. The interview is not eliminatory in character but only to present the school and the course.


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